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Persuasion starts as an inside job

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My website statistics software shows around one thousand visits to my last Friday’s blog entry on the two-way street of dealing with judges. That blog entry was meant to supplement my view that dealing with hurdles with others always starts from within us. Here are a few examples:

– A woman reportedly visited Mahatma Gandhi with her son, seeking his help getting her son off his overeating of sugar. Gandhi told her to return with her son in two weeks. When she did, Gandhi told the son he should stop eating so much sugar because it is not good for his health. The mother thanked him and asked why that conversation could not have been accomplished on her first visit. Gandhi replied that he first needed to stop eating so much sugar himself.

– It I my responsibility to vibrate highly without being sucked into others’ human drama.

-There I no out there for the mind.

– As Ram Dass recounted an aikido practitioner’s story, compassion and empathy are essential components of effective combat. Without it, we are merely engaging in insufficiently effective brute force.