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Seattle police wisely terminate cop for over-reacting with calm man with a golf club

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For every police abuse case that comes to public attention, many more likely remain in the shadows.

Congratulations to William Wingate for his complete vindication in the September 15, 2015 termination of the police officer who arrested him in July 2014 for obstruction of a police officer, merely for having a golf club with him on the street (an implement necessary for the careers of Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer and more).

The video of now-former officer Cynthia Whitlach is beyond disturbing. Congratulations to the Seattle police chief for including the following in her decision to terminate former officer Whitlach:

There were numerous opportunities to assess different tactics and take a softer approach to resolve the incident. This is particularly true once you had observed the individual’s lack of threatening demeanor.” Softening one’s mind is key to dealing with conflict. Here, Rabbi Alan Lew addresses the benefits of softening the breath. Norman Fischer underlines that “you can be softened” by going toward the pain.”

-“Officers are required to treat members of the public considerately and. respectfully, and not behave, as you did, in a confrontational and unreasonable fashion, out of compliance with Department policies on both exercise of discretion and de-escalation.”

-“Even during your Loudermill hearing, you continued to blame minorities for your perceived mistreatment on account of your race (white). Your perceptions of race and other protected categories appear to be so deeply seated that they likely impacted the authoritarian manner in which you treated this man and your refusal to deviate from that approach towards an individual whose actions did not warrant such treatment.”

Thanks to Jonathan Turley for covering this story.