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Pouring salt into the wounds of police abuse, with lies

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Why is lying so rampant n society? Does it start with people learning from their parents that "white lies" are okay, and then fester and spread from there like the Blob?

Are cops tempted to lie by thinking they can get away with wrongdoing by filing false police reports against people who are victims of police misconduct?

Praised be the ongoing power of inexpensive video cameras — and praised be the people who bravely record footage of people abusing others and abusing their positions —  this time with the above-displayed footage of a New York cop butting a cycling protestor to the ground from his bicycle. What could the cyclist have been doing to have merited such abuse? If the cyclist was being stopped for an alleged crime (e.g. throwing a dangerous object into the crowd), it happened outside the view of the camera, and the cop could have called to cops ahead to tell the cyclist to stop and to arrest him, rather than for the cop to have butted him off his bike without telling him first to stop and dismount. .

Thank you to some lawyer listerv members who brought this story to my attention, about police lying about the incident shown in this video, in part through filing criminal charges against the victim of the police abuse. Thank you also to Jonathan Turley for blogging on the story, and linking to the above-displayed video. (How does professor Turley find time to teach, sleep, and be with his family, when considering the volume and depth of his daily blogs?) 

I do not want to see more of these stories. I just want such abuse to stop. Jon Katz.