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The benefit of non-duality on the road to success

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On February 21 and 22, I wrote respectively about dealing with challenges with colleagues, and transcending our demons. Success in this and all respects in court, work life, and personal life calls for success with non-duality. Non-duality, also known as non-attachment, means acting and being at one with all events, people, and things, while blurring and ultimately eliminating the actual or apparent boundaries between ourselves and others, between living and dying, and between being in a healthy body or diseased body. Non-duality means there is no out there for the mind. Non-duality means not relying on outside factors for our sense of well being. Non-duality means we can alter our perception of reality rather than feeling victimized by or at the whim of circumstances or reality. Non-duality means not getting jealous nor envious in others’ successes, but to be inspired by them, in that success is within the grasp of each of us. Non-duality means not holding onto our life and health, rather than letting our life and success flow as a powerful river. Non-duality means remaining in the now. Non-attachment has everything to do with combat in court and everywhere else.

Translated to the courtroom, that means not letting myself get off kilter if the prosecutor thinks of a great strategy that I had never thought of myself, any more than getting off kilter that I did not recognize that I could have called a bar exam question a “mechanics lien” issue (even though I had worked on two mechanics liens many years before), and still I passed the exam. That means that no matter how formidable my opponent seems, I can benefit from the opponent’s energy rather than fighting pound for pound of force.

So many of my colleagues b*tch and moan about their law practice, whether it be that they are not excited by it any more (or worse), are tired of “chasing” after income, think their clients complain or bother too much, or are fed up when judges stop being neutral players and when prosecutors try throwing sand in their eyes.

I get high on the inspiration of knowing that we all are capable of doing great things, and getting back on track even when we falter. I was blown away to learn that the great performer and artist Geoffrey Holder — whom I met on a SoHo street in 1985 — was so in love with life, that he had his breathing tube removed so that he could have one last physical dance with life, before his heart stopped beating that night in 2014. Holder and his wife came across as never doing things or work that they did not want to do. (Minute 8:30).

I return to groundedness when I hear Bob Proctor remind me what I already know, . that our potential for success is on quantum levels.

With the above approach, I return to my sense of resilience and invincibility that well serves me and my clients.