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The power of transcending being sidetracked

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Our entire days and lives are full of opportunities to get sidetracked and to transcend being sidetracked. Our bodies get ailments. We experience aging and death of others and face our own ultimate passing from our bodies. Worldwide human rights violations run rampant. Poverty and hunger continue at rates too high. Child abuse is too widespread and severe.

On a lesser scale, our long-planned vacations can get dashed by hurricanes and snowstorms. A bike journey can be scuttled by a bad fall or swarm of biting bees. Our seemingly best friend can turn on us.

Transcending such events is challenging. It is essential at once to engage with even the most difficult and tragic circumstances to be able to know the situation and harmonize it a best as possible. Numbing ourselves from adverse events is like taking just a little Novocain before having all our teeth pulled. Once the Novocain wears off, the pain will be tremendous.

At the Trial Lawyers College, a big emphasis on developing ourselves as people and persuasive lawyers is to be in touch with our fears and feelings, and to understand that most other people’s decision making is highly affected by their fears and feelings. Understood, but for me to advance as a human and persuader, I need to then transcend my fears and counterproductive feelings. If I dwell at this very moment on verbalizing my adverse feelings, I may very well be losing an opportunity for me to transcend those feelings by quieting my mind, and letting the adverse feelings and fears dissipate into the sky like vapors from a cup of steaming tea.

All this transcending is a challenge from moment to moment and from day to day. It is, however, do-able. The flow of transcendence is as natural as the flowing of a river, my bloodstream, and my breath. We have many challenges telling us otherwise. For me, I need to listen to the part of me that tells me this transcendence is natural and fully attainable. It is magically powerful and powerfully magical.  It is essential to my life and law practice.