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Criminal Defense Attorney in Fairfax, Virginia

Fairfax Criminal Lawyer

Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you have been arrested or otherwise charged in Fairfax County, Virginia for a felony or misdemeanor, you need to obtain a qualified criminal defense lawyer. A criminal conviction and sentence -- even if the sentence involves probation rather than active jail time -- can wreak havoc on a person's name, employability, security clearance, and other vital parts of the defendant's life. The prosecutor and police are not waiting for you to get an attorney, so the clock is ticking to have the right attorney fighting for you.

Fairfax Criminal Lawyer Jon Katz has been headquartered in Fairfax for years, where his office is across the street from the courthouse. Virtually 100% of Jon's law practice is devoted to defending people accused of DUI / DWI, drug offenses, assault, sex offenses, larceny, fraud, weapons crimes, and more. Obtaining Jon's services is but a phone call away, call 703-383-1100, for a free in-person confidential consultation about your court-pending criminal case. Jon's motivation for pursuing your best defense springs from a combination of a recognition that one mistake does not define an entire person, a devotion to the legal rule that one is presumed innocent and that the prosecutor has the burden to try to prove a defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and a perpetual zeal to win.

When you hire Jon Katz, he is on your criminal defense like a dog to fresh red meat. Just as a soldier with his weapons, Jon treats the law and your case preparation with the utmost attention to preparation, mining for the essential evidence, constantly analyzing the applicable law, applying his relevant experience, and working closely with you, Jon pursues the best defense for you, as that is the only path he knows and accepts.

Once you meet with Jon Katz, you will get the peace of mind knowing that he is up to the task to leave no essential stone unturned in working to reverse the disharmony caused by the criminal prosecution against you. Some cases can take more than a month or two, or even more, to go to trial, and Jon believes in lifting the weight of your case off your shoulders while your case is pending so that you can get on with your personal and professional life and with your family. All sorts of hidden hurdles and landmines exist in your case from the very beginning in your criminal or DUI case. It is never too early to hire Jon as your lawyer.

Fairfax Criminal And DUI Defense

No jailable Fairfax criminal nor DUI case is too small to merit obtaining the right criminal defense lawyer for you. Criminal prosecutions can involve misdemeanor charges, which carry up to a year in jail, and felony cases, which carry beyond the risk of a year in jail or prison. Even though some misdemeanors are billed as "petty offenses", nothing is petty about a criminal prosecution when you are on the receiving end of the case. Upon being hired, Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz immediately focuses on preparing for your trial defense, case negotiations, and any possible sentencing. Some criminal defendants want to focus on trial defense rather than case negotiations, and others want to do the opposite. Jon knows from experience that the criminal defense side needs to be trial ready at all times. Jon Katz has successfully defended thousands of criminal and DUI defendants, pursuing acquittals and the next best thing when that is the reality of the case. He knows that there are no shortcuts to victory in criminal court, but only smart, hard and experienced fighting for his clients. Each client and defense is unique, and Jon with his clients formulates, refines, and executes a tailor-made defense for each criminal and DUI defendant he represents.

With Jon Katz You Get A Great Defense In Fairfax Criminal And DUI Court

Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz never rests on the laurels of his innumerable past successes. Prosecutors and police are worthy opponents, and Jon does not rest in finding and pursuing the best angles and approaches for obtaining your best possible outcome in court. Nor does Jon rely solely on his own experience and knowledge to fight for a great outcome in your case. He works closely with you and his staff in pursuing your best possible defense, and often brainstorms with colleagues who are among the highest quality lawyers. Jon thoroughly prepares his clients for court and for possible testimony. He has worked with success again and again with critical experts from such fields as forensic toxicology, medicine, and drugs. He has many times worked with top-notch trial consultants. Jon's focus at every turn is to obtain as much victory as possible for his criminal defense and DUI clients. Jon has successfully taken hundreds of cases to trial; for him that is like riding a bicycle. Hiring Jon Katz gets him as your lawyer, not a substitute.

Jon Katz Fends Off The Bows And Arrows Flying In Criminal Court

Even if the atmosphere in court seems calm with smiling judges, prosecutors and police, that may simply be because they are themselves in good spirits, or prefer for criminal defendants not to get all anxious about the fallout that can come their way if they are not properly defended. You are the one facing all the adverse consequences of any conviction and sentence. Your only real friend in Fairfax criminal and DUI court is your lawyer. Once you have Jon Katz as your defense attorney, you are never alone as you tackle your defense.

How Does Jon Katz Repeatedly Obtain Great Results For Fairfax Criminal And DUI Defendants?

Jon Katz has for decades practiced martial arts, and applies those lessons of discipline, focus, fearlessness, and effectiveness to defending each of his clients in criminal court. For Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz, each new success in court brings him as much of a thrill as his first court victory, and this zeal for fighting for his clients keeps his energy high and batteries charged. Jon believes strongly in the power of working with you as a team, and will fully assist you in demystifying what court is all about and how to obtain the best possible results in your case. Law in the abstract may often seem dry, but Jon turns the law and case preparation as an exercise in panning for gold, knowing the opposition, and exploiting all the defensive opportunities and prosecution weaknesses for all they are worth. Jon keeps up on changes in the statutory law and court caselaw. You can learn more about what makes Jon's criminal defense approach tick by visiting his criminal defense blog, which shows his constant attention to relevant developments in the law and his constant attention to doing whatever it takes to obtain great court results for his criminal and DUI defense clients. Persuasion is a key part of winning in court, including through powerful and persuasive storytelling; fully knowing and understanding judges, jurors, and opposing witnesses, police and prosecutors; and constant focus on the ultimate goal of winning for the defense.

Call Us At 703-383-1100 For A Free Initial Consultation With Jon Katz

Fairfax Criminal Lawyer Jon Katz is available most business days to meet with you. Find out the critical difference that Jon Katz can make to your defense by scheduling a free in-person confidential consultation him about your court-pending case, by calling us at 703-383-1100. When you meet with Jon, he will listen closely to you, never judge you, answer your questions, and map out an initial strategy and approach for him to defend you, and for you to assist in your defense as well. You will likely leave your first meeting with Jon much more knowledgeable and confident about the possibilities for your defense and for a favorable case outcome.

Fairfax Criminal Lawyer Jon Katz has successfully defended thousands of people accused of felony, misdemeanor, and DUI prosecutions. Call 703-383-1100 for a free in-person consultation and action plan with Jon Katz about your court-pending criminal or DWI case.

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