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Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer

Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer

Virginia Misdemeanor And Felony Lawyer – Fairfax Criminal Lawyer Addresses Defending Against Such Prosecutions

Virginia felony charges -- sentenced pursuant to Va. Code § 18.2-10 unless the applicable criminal statute provides otherwise -- bring with them higher stakes than misdemeanor charges. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, Jon Katz knows that in Virginia state court, felony cases by default are tried before a jury in Circuit Court unless all parties waive a jury trial. Virginia misdemeanor cases ordinarily commence in General District Court or Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court, with the right to appeal a misdemeanor conviction to the Circuit Court for a new trial, proceeding to a jury unless both parties opt for a bench trial.

What is at stake when accused of Virginia felonies and misdemeanors?

Misdemeanor and felony prosecutions put your liberty at stake. Since 1991, Fairfax criminal lawyer Jonathan L. Katz has successfully defended thousands of people charged with criminal offenses and Virginia DUI.  He defends the accused because one’s liberty is on the line with any criminal prosecution, and the collateral consequences of any conviction can harm one’s livelihood, education, and immigration status.

Should I waive a jury trial or proceed before a jury? Fairfax criminal lawyer on making the selection in your Virginia defense

As a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer, Jon Katz knows that the jury trial option against Virginia misdemeanor and felony prosecutions often is wonderful for enhancing a criminal defendant’s chances at an acquittal, when considering the unanimity required from a jury, and the fresh eye and collective decision making of a jury versus having a singular judge decide innocence or guilt. From a practical standpoint, though, the particulars of a case determine whether a judge or jury trial are likely going to be more favorable for a criminal defendant for the innocence-guilt phase of trial. In Virginia Circuit Court, if a jury convicts a defendant, a sentencing trial is then held before the jury, which recommends to the judge an incarceration term and/or a fine. The judge may either keep the jury’s recommended sentence in place, suspend a portion of the recommended sentence, or reduce a portion of the sentence.

How harshly are prosecutions for alleged misdemeanors and felonies pursued in Virginia?

Prosecutions for alleged Virginia misdemeanors and felonies can risk such hurdles as harsh bond and bail laws, recognizances / pretrial release orders that bar leaving the state and/or require supervision of the defendant by a pretrial release agent, crabbed District Court discovery rules, certain prosecutors' offices that more routinely than others decline to waive a jury, and certain parts of the Virginia where jurors are less hospitable to a criminal defendant than in other parts of the state.

What impact do the Northern Virginia reformist prosecutors have on case outcomes for criminal defendants

January 2021 brought in a new wave of chief prosecutors in three Northern Virginia that thus far requires Fairfax criminal lawyer Jonathan L. Katz to adjust his approach all the more with such prosecutors' offices when their line prosecutors truly want to help the criminal defendant in a way that comports with some of the defendant's preferences.

What do I do to enhance my chances of victory and minimize risk from fallout from a Virginia prosecution for alleged misdemeanors and felonies?

Obtaining the right Virginia criminal defense or DWI lawyer is critical for helping enhance your best possible prospects against a prosecution for alleged misdemeanors or felonies. Here are some tips for finding the right criminal lawyer for you. Here is a blueprint for working successfully as a team with your lawyer.

In the final analysis, persuasion is key for Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz at all phases of criminal defense against misdemeanor charges, felony prosecutions and Virginia DUI prosecutions, starting from the day he is hired, to trial preparation, settlement negotiations, trial presentation, and post-trial defense.

What do I do if unable to obtain your negotiated settlement?

A Virginia criminal lawyer should always go to the playing field or court fully ready for trial battle. That approach assists negotiations with the other party, in that negotiators like to know the extent to which their opponent is capable of victory. At the same time, negotiating is a fine art, and defendants who know they have a significant risk not to reach a favorable negotiated settlement, are particularly wise to peruse the negotiated settlement route while being fully prepared for trial.


Each person’s Virginia criminal and Fairfax DUI defense is different and calls for a different approach. Call us today to meet with Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz. By the end of your initial consultation with Jon Katz, he will provide you an action plan tailored to your case, addressing your defenses, actions Jon will take, and proactive steps for you to take to improve your chances of obtaining the best possible result in your case.

Who is the best Fairfax criminal lawyer for you? Here are ideas for finding the right attorney among Fairfax criminal lawyers and Virginia DUI lawyers. Fairfax Criminal Defense Lawyer Jonathan L. Katz pursues your best defense against felony, misdemeanor and DUI prosecutions. During your initial meeting with Jon Katz, he will work with you in mapping out a strategy for your best defense.  Call 703-383-1100 for a free in-person confidential consultation with Jon about your court-pending criminal or DWI case. See our November 2020 Youtube Video on Your Rights and Working With Your Lawyer.