Praised be our support staff

Jan 05, 2009 Praised be our support staff

Not long ago, I blogged that I welcomed resumes for an added part-time legal assistant position at my law firm. I am pleased to say that this position has been filled by a highly-qualified applicant who started last week.

As I do all the time to their faces, here in cyberspace I thank my staffmembers for their highly capable and dedicated work for our clients. They are my full-time legal assistant David and part-time legal assistant Younghee, both of whom have been with me since the first day my law firm opened five months ago; and part-time legal assistant Letam. All my staffmembers are a pleasure to work with, and they give me and my clients boosted confidence that all is running smoothly when I am in court and elsewhere battling for justice.

To those who employ or supervise employees, I send you good karma to share good karma with your employees every moment of the day. Thanks, again, David, Younghee, and Letam. Jon Katz.

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