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Premature arrest for over-salted McDonald’s burger

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Image from National Park Service’s websit).

American society is overcriminalized. Sadly, police recently arrested a McDonald’s employee for oversalting the burger of a cop who got sick after eating the sandwich. (If the cop were so concerned about his health, why did he order such an unhealthy choice to begin with, let alone risking mad cow disease?)

You heard it right. Police arrested McDonald’s employee Kendra Bull instead of even analyzing the rest of the burger first (the cop apparently did not finish the sandwich), more calmly and thoroughly investigating the situation, and considering suing in civil court rather than prosecuting. The arrest and prosecution of Ms. Bull are unjustified, whether or not she may have given the police inconsistent or dishonest stories about how the burger got oversalted and served to the cop. What comes next? Arrests for restaurant workers putting too much sugar in iced tea; too much Tabasco in Buffalo chicken wings; too small a banana in a banana split (lest the customer suffer cardiac arrest from upset over such a small banana)?

Thanks to Lowering the Bar both for reporting on this story and providing arguments on how unlikely it would be for a person to get significant harm from the oversalting of just one hamburger. Jon Katz.