Preparing for jury duty

Apr 09, 2010 Preparing for jury duty

Someone recently asked how to prepare for jury duty. I responded briefly as follows:

As both a  criminal defense lawyer dealing with jurors and as a jury candidate every few years, I reply:

–          Bring what makes you comfortable to pass the time, in case you don’t get called for a jury (e.g., Iphone if allowed, laptop books).

–          If you are called for a jury, please give your undivided attention and your full honesty to jury selection questions.

–      A good night’s sleep is essential each day.

–          Be honest to your oath and take as much time as  you need to deliberate. The judge and fellow jurors are not permitted to bully you.

–          Ask questions when the jury instructions create confusion

–          Do not let the jury foreperson nor other jurors prevent you from speaking nor from sending the judge a note.

–          Be fully open and honest in the jury room.

–  If you have trouble paying attention without breaks for the restroom, eating, and getting away from the confines of the juror box, speak up from time to time (but not every minute) when you wish such a break.

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