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R. Crumb Illustrates this “Busted” Aid

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An arrest is but an arrest, and is not a conviction. Know your rights. (Image from FBI’s website).

Another resource on dealing with the cops and prosecutors is Busted!: Drug War Survival Skills (From the buy to the bust to begging for mercy). This book (here is its Amazon listing) is written by criminal defense lawyer M. Chris Fabricant and illustrated by underground comic legend R. Crumb, whose artwork very much drew my attention to this book which I have not yet read. Because I have not yet read the book, this blog entry is neither a recommendation for the book nor the opposite. (Another product with the “busted” word in its title is ex-narc Barry Cooper’s video).

As prominently featured on Mr. Fabricant’s website for the book, reviews run the gamut from praise from Stop the Drug War to this honorary scathing by Paul Costiglio of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America: “If read by teens it would give them a sense they can continue to [do dope] and say, ‘I don’t have to lead a drug-free life, I can lead a jail-free life.'”

My favorite resources for the layperson to review before seeing the next cop are: our own websiteBusted by https://www.flexyourrights.org/; and the Beat the Heat manual by Katya Komisaruk. I welcome your suggestions for additions to this list.

Jon Katz.