Randazza returns with a vengeance

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Feb 11, 2008 Randazza returns with a vengeance


Image from Library of Congress’s website.

Sometimes I am too spare in praising others. Of course, when I do praise, I clearly mean it. 

Two or three years ago — through the First Amendment Lawyers Association’s listserv — I met Marc Randazza, a First Amendment lawyer in Florida who blogs expletives more often than I, because, like I, he often gets fed up with all the times that other people urinate on others’ rights. I write more about Marc here and list his among my ten favorite blawgs.

In late 2007, Marc’s frequent blogging became temporarily more infrequent and sometimes much briefer. No more; the man is churning out great blogposts to compete with the quality and quantity output of Jonathan Turley.

Here are my favorites of his recent two-week output:

The insanity of the Virginia Beach police’s obscenity charges against an Abercrombie & Fitch manager for the company’s skin-focused marketing images. The charges were dropped after a widespread outcry against this nonsensical affront to the First Amendment, due process, and individual liberty..

The insanity of the $1.4 million fine for airing the episode of NYPD Blue showing full rear nudity and much of a woman’s bare breasts minus the areola. 

Whether cops may search iPhones and Blacberries incident to arrest. A good reason to ditch them? 

The sanctity of the right of people to videotape and photograph cops, and cops’ backlash. In the process, Marc introduces us to Carlos Miller (see his Photography Is Not A Crime blog, which seems to be down as of early February 11), who is standing his ground against a prosecution following his refusal to move along after the cops espied him photographing them. Carlos’s blog includes a discussion of bloggers who have lost their jobs from their blogs, including Jessica Cutler (who got fired from her Capitol Hill job after the discovery of entries in her sex-soaked blog about sex with one or more government folks) and Ellen Simonetti, who says Delta fired her from her flight attendant job, telling her it was for “inappropriate” photos of herself in uniform on her blog. 

David Lynch putting iPhone movie-watching in its place, including a well-placed f-bomb. Imagine watching Lynch’s Eraserhead on an iPhone. Lynch is right.

Thanks, Marc, for focusing your blog entries on justice, and for keeping a sharp and undiluted pen at your side. Jon Katz.


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