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Random Thoughts I: Law and government

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Some key Constitutional cases being orally argued before the U.S. Supreme Court this term, which starts October 1.

Texas executes Cleve Foster as murder accomplice. The death penalty is barbaric, and Texas leads the way.

Passing of law school dean who countered racial segregation at U.Miss. Law School in the Sixties.

J. Matthew Guilfoil on cross examining police officers on field sobriety testing.

Thanks to lawyer Charles Rowland for referencing NHTSA on the unreliability of bloodshot eyes in DWI cases.

D.C. Ct. App. reverses for violation of Defendant’s Sixth Amendment Confrontation rights.

Paul Luvera discusses David Clark on jury persuasion.

Popehat on the origins and meaning of the shouting-fire-in-a-crowded-theater theme sounded to justify censorship.

Links to D.C. police general orders.

Ex-con Fleet founded Prison Mindfulness Inst.

Bronx prosecutors will not prosecute on stop-and-frisk arrests at public housing without having an interview conducted of the arresting police. Thanks to Max Obuszewski for the tip.

Md. Ct. App. rejects need to tell jury that each element of the alleged crime must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt

Md. Ct. App. puts burden on driver who can’t blow sufficiently into breathalyzer to avoid refusal license suspension.

As we approach Halloween, details on the fruitless “flesh and bonespro se criminal defense

Worthy of a separate blog entry is the life and times of David Walsh Little. I first learned of David when defending Plowshares activists along with Ramsey Clark and Anabel Dwyer, because he had assisted as an advisory defense lawyer in the Gods of Metal Plowshares criminal trial. Here are some links about David, who currently serves as a public defender lawyer in Baltimore:

– A 1999 City Paper profile of David.

– David’s article on “Dining While Black“.

David’s comments last year as a member of Maryland’s Sex Offender Advisory Board.

An example of the potentially severe impact of upholding new voter ID laws. .


Obama was referencing forecasts when saying “bumps in road” rather than characterizing killings at Benghazi consulate.

NYT’s Nate Silver dismisses claims of pollster partisanship in polls showing decisive Obama lead over Romney.

At some point after earning a fortune from investing in China, Romney decides China is a trade “cheater“?