Random thoughts of the week, May 21-27

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May 27, 2012 Random thoughts of the week, May 21-27

On Sundays, I sometimes veer well beyond the law in my blog entries.

On my Twitterpage,, and elsewhere, I sometimes jot out news items, legal ideas, and personal ideas of interest. Every week or so  I am assembling some of those recent random thoughts.

SCOTUS rejects double-jeopardy challenge to capital murder conviction. The liberal wing minus Breyer, J., dissent.

D.C. Ct. App. reverses assault conspiracy conviction, b/c P improperly said complainant lied for not fingering D.

Md. Ct. App. reverses b/c trial ct. told the jury in 1976 that the ct.’s instructions on the law were merely advisory:

D.C. Ct. App. reverses for plain error for trial court’s unnecessarily letting jury know of D’s prior convictions.

Mindful Lawyer Digest. First edition.

Elephants traveled twelve hours to the home of their friend Lawrence Anthony — the elephant whisperer—  after he passed. Remarkable.

Fourth Cir. – Piracy includes shooting at a ship without boarding it. Life in prison is required. End mandatory time.

NM Ct. App. on standard for allowing multiple counts, or not, for downloading multiple unlawful images. Cert granted.

D.C. Ct. App: Separate sentences are allowed with ˜an appreciable period of time'” between multiple criminal acts.

Online mindfulness resources for adults and children. TY Planting Seeds page.

Tiffany Shlain’s “Connected”.

@tiffanyshlain: Children see magic because they look for it. Christopher Moore #quote


@JuryTalk: Researchers find more than 2,000 false convictions in past 23 years: [voir dire: How do you think that happens?]

Leslie Ellis on “Social Media, the Jury and You.”

“Before I die.”

Ihaleakala Hew Len on coming back to zero, where all your answers are.

Kupuna Alex Pua`a on Ho’oponopono

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len on Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono

@SITHhooponopono: If you run into a confrontation in your life, there are three things you can do. You can Fl you can fight, or (cont)

@SITHhooponopono: Light is always on. Light is never off. POI, IHHL

@SITHhooponopono: TIME has identity. if you waste your time, time will waste you. POI IHHL

SDNY overturns statutory provision(s) allowing domestic indefinite detention without charge of American citizens.

SCOTUS: Parent’s years of continuous residence/LPR status is not imputed to his or her child.

SCOTUS: Parent’s years of continuous residence/LPR status is not imputed to his or her child.

Md. Ct. App.: Factually inconsistent criminal jury verdicts are permissible. Legally inconsistent jury verdicts are not.

Md. Ct. App. affirms denial of handgun permit based on what the court deems a qualifying out-of-state conviction.

1930’s Nationalist Chinese training film, including taijiquan demonstration. TY to fellow taijiquan practitioner.

Website for finding AA meetings around DC. My DWI clients sometimes need to attend them, even when not alcoholics.

My friend Trudy Morse on Never An Accident, in a video interview by me

Steve Miller performing The Joker (1973). I remember Wolfman Jack playing the song on his radio show.

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