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Random thoughts through August 12, 2012

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On Sundays, I sometimes veer well beyond the law in my blog entries. On my Twitterpage, https://twitter.com/jonkatz5, and elsewhere, I sometimes jot out news items, legal ideas, and personal ideas of interest. Every week or so I am assembling some of those recent random thoughts.


Federal trial judge enjoins municipal adult entertainment ordinance. FANTASYSRUS 2 v. EAST GRAND FORKS.

Virginia’s new rules of evidence.

Information on re-registration of a trademark.

Legal Times references a lengthy Westat study apparently showing lower reoffending with Superior Court diversion.


The U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed 210,000 people.

British bank official: “You f—ing Americans. Who are you to tell … that we’re not going to deal with Iranians.”

Unacceptable that Syrian rebels threaten to kill their Iranian captives if attacked again by Syrian gov’t forces.

Israel misguidedly denies West Bank access to envoys of countries not recognizing Israel.

Romney v. Obama is a race between two who lack deep and widespread popularity.


Ram Dass: “We are the magic pill, that’s what turns out to be so funny. There’s no need for a magic pill.”

You can be a lighthouse to others without having to be a rescue boat.

Romney made big $ with Bain Capital. I interviewed with Bain management consulting in 1985, when considering attending business school after doing full-time work.

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