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Random thoughts through August 26

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On most Sundays, I organize and digest my best random thoughts of the week to my Underdog blog, whether posted on my Twitter page, https://twitter.com/jonkatz5, or elsewhere.


– 6th Circuit: No reasonable expectation of privacy in phone GPS for marijuana courier.

Story of justice delayed and denied to criminal defendants in New Orleans

– Md. Ct. App.: Tasering two metal darts into a person amounts to an arrest requiring probable cause.

– 11th Circuit narrows power of Alabama to enforce immigration laws.

– Based on 1st Amend., D.C. Cir. affirms invalidation of FDA’s regs requiring anti-smoking graphics on cigarettes & ads.

– Md. Ct. App. okays trial court’s refusal for criminal defense counsel in closing argument to describe reasonable doubt as a continuum starting from reasonable articulable suspicion.

– Md.Ct. App. on the duress defense in a felony murder case.

– MD COA, 5-2, requires less than probable  cause for cops to access DNA obtained through alcohol testing of a probationer.

Criminal defendant wins partial appellate relief in 4th Cir. for inartfully-drafted federal indictment.

– Lawyers who sue clients for payment when the criminal matter is pending may create an actual conflict of interest.

– Md.Ct. App.: Trial court has discretion over crim. def’s request to proceed without counsel once voir dire begins.


– Prosecutor dismisses prosecution of Michael Wayne Hash, after serving multiple years on death row.

American forces suffer 2000 deaths in the war in Afghanistan, meaning many Afghans and others also killed. Did the Bush II administration know it was entering a big muddy by going to war in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Teacher ok’s cops’ racial bias: “if you look at the crime in [NY], it’s less white people; that’s just the way it is.” End racial profiling.

The repressive Ethiopian Marxist gov’t was replaced by a repressive anti-Marxist gov’t claiming to be pro-democracy.

– Myanmar creates presumption of no pre-publication print censorship. Self-censorship will continue on sensitive items.

– Don’t sacrifice your privacy to Obama and Romney campaign phone apps.


– Dr. Hew Len: There is nothing out there. All data.

– Ihaleakala Hew Len: If you have depression, it is the information in the inner child/subconscious that is experiencing depression.

– Dr. Hew Len on freedom ; letting go of data ; habits, addictions and patterns ; disengagement from data ; the universe; transmutation ; Adam and Eve.


– @ukmindfulness: Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life & the world.”

@davidnichtern : “When we are too attached to our conceptual mind we know the waves but we do not know the ocean.”


– Videos on Nipponzan Myohoji.

The Sunrise Ceremony will be September 1, for the 19th anniversary of the Grafton, NY, Peace Pagoda.

A visit to Esalen.

– The story of Hanuman.


Home of Masters golf tournament is glacial at adding women (2012) and African Americans (1990).

– At the MLK Memorial August 28: Screening of “The Long Walk Home” preceded by remarks.

Syphilis in adult film actor leads to moratorium on such films. If only syphilis were the worst STD, v. AIDS & herpes.

Earth may not survive more than another 5 billion years.

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