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Random thoughts through June 2, 2013

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On Sundays, I sometimes veer well beyond the law in my blog entries, including the following post that collects my last week’s thoughts on the law, government, and beyond from my Twitter postings at https://twitter.com/jonkatz5 and elsewhere.


Federal judge determines that sheriff Joe Arpaio and his subordinates targeted Latinos.


Webpage supporting death row inmate Jarvis Jay Masters, including Pema Chodron’s support.

Reporters Without Borders’ 2013 Press Freedom Index.


Following the dharma “fits in perfectly with the punk rock ethic.” Noah Levine, Dharma Punx.

Tricycle on Thich Nhat Hanh’s efforts to end religious repression in Vietnam.

Charles Bukowski’s purported FBI file

Jo Robinson: “It is now known that many of the most beneficial phytonutrients have a bitter, sour or astringent taste.”

Sun Ra documentary footage (1969).

Jenna Freedman proclaims “Zines are Not Blogs.”

Brilliant conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth on a panel discussing Gieusseppe Panza di Biumo (2010).

Interview with Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, with links to more videos on de Beauvoir.

Interview of Albert Camus (1959).

Interview of Eugene Ionesco (1961).


From Sound of Water, Sound of Wind, and other Early Works by a Mountain Monk, collection of Beopjeong’s essays, translated by Brian Barry:

“There is no confrontation and hate in a thought system that respects all forms of life, since such people realize that we are all branches on the same tree.”

“Genuine compassion is unconditional, absolute impartial love, and only through such compassion can people become the real masters of all, including their own hearts.”

“It’s difficult to understand why we need so many laws and regulations just to get on with our lives.”

“Isn’t cheering at the sight of another human bleeding on a gymnasium a bit reminiscent if the Roman Coliseum?”

Article on Brian Barry, who translated a collection of  Beopjeong Seunim’s essays.