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Random thoughts through March 23: Part II/III- Government-related actions

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On Sundays, I sometimes veer well beyond the law in my blog entries, including the following post that collects my last week’s thoughts on the law, government, and beyond from my Twitter postings at https://twitter.com/jonkatz5 and elsewhere.

– The U.S. government prefers protecting secrets over press freedom.

The Vietnam War taught the U.S. military never again to give journalists and photographers unfettered access to war. If such unfettered access were allowed, more Americans would be in more of an uproar over wars and battles pursued by the American military.

– Here is FinCEN’s/ Treasury Dept.’s guidance concerning banks and state-legal marijuana transactions. Here is the American Bankers Associations two-sentence statement on the guidance and FAQ about marijuana and banking.

– Even if Annie Dookhan acted alone, more questions exist about her drug testing lab’s reliability.

– EGA Policy: “We have set our moral compass on the erroneous premise that drugs are illegal, so people who use drugs are criminals.&quot

The power of parents lobbying to legalize medical marijuana for their chidren.

– SCOTUS’s California v. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians protected Indian gaming rights.

1990’s Connecticut Indian gaming arose from the state’s deal with Foxwoods and the Mohegan reservation.