Random thoughts through September 9

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Sep 09, 2012 Random thoughts through September 9

On Sundays, I sometimes veer well beyond the law in my blog entries, including the following post that collects my week’s random thoughts on the law world and beyond from my Twitter postings at and elsewhere. Today’s random thoughts are being posted on Monday, Labor Day.


A cop once offered to dispose of my crumpled up notes. I said: “Nice try” on is attempt to see privileged attorney-client information.

4th Cir. reverses trial court’s dismissal of gov.’s effort to civilly commit a man as a “sexually dangerous person”.

Md. Ct. Spec. Appeals affirms against a speedy trial claim.

Maryland man jailed 4 months on trumped-up charges that he assaulted the cop who actually assaulted him, on video.  Thanks to Jonathan Turley for posting on this.

Jonathan Turley speaks with his friend John Cusack on President Obama’s damage to civil liberties.

Gerry Spence on discovering the story, and conveying it persuasively as human to human. I began learning this process in full depth and force at the National Criminal Defense College in 1994 and at the Trial Lawyers College in 1995.

Gerry Spence’s closing argument for an injury victim. Gerry is equally skilled representing criminal defendants and injury victims, seeing his work as defending people, usually ordinary people.

Cutting Edge Law includes  many links on contemplative practice.

Kim Wright of discusses lawyers as peacemakers, which also is her book title. I see my role as a lawyer as pursuing harmony for my clients’ imbalanced situations, even if I must inflict damage on opponents and others in the process.

Thanks to Kim Wright for Len Riskin’s YouTube discussions on mindfulness for lawyers and “Changing Lawyers’ Understanding of Resolving Disputes


Jocelyn White passed away last November, I just learned. I twice bumped into her and husband/local jazzman/John Coltrane expert Andrew White.

My family met Wayne Dyer during this past weekend’s Hay House anniversary event at National Harbor. Photographed here at the end of his 2 1/2 hour talk,

Local WTOP radio repeatedly makes the racially insensitive football team name more racist by repeatedly saying “Skins”.

The 2012 Jazz in Sync program was inspired by the 1958 Great Day in Harlem. Here is a Great Day in D.C.

Oxygen for the Ears is a new historical documentary on the D.C. jazz scene.

John Cage on sound beyond intentional music, and on silence. John Cage interviews in French in 1978.

Leonard Bernstein on the Poetry of Music, sincerity in music, and the lack thereof.

Suffixes for emailing text messages to major mobile phone carrier customers.

Sept. 22 7:30 pm, Strathmore performance center (MD)- Ed Young presents on art/poetry of Cheng Man Ch’ing.

Taijiquan practitioner Ed Young’s “The House Baba Built”.

Verizon residential DSL won’t send outgoing 3rd party email messages from port 25. Try port 587. Verizon cust svc. wouldn’t tell me this.

Microsoft Expression is the replacement for Microsoft FrontPage. My static website — not my blog — has hundreds of pages of FrontPage webpages. I have new static website design — to be launched — that runs on a more modern platform, but too many pages to spend the human hours to transfer all the pages to my new design. Therefore, I am faced with continuing with the new and old designs side-by-side or to remove the FrontPage pages until they are transferred to the new design.

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