Recent lessons from taijiquan class

Nov 20, 2011 Recent lessons from taijiquan class

My taijiquan (a.k.a. t’ai chi ch’uan) teacher Julian Chu is an altruistic hero, teaching taijiquan every Sunday morning at the Li-Ming Chinese Academy in Rockville, Maryland, and leading t’ai chi and push hands/ sensing hands practice during the summer in Carderock Park.

Today I learned the following at our weekly Sunday t’ai chi practice:

– The ch’I learned in taijiquan is different than the ch’i in the Tao Te Ching and in qigong.

– A fellow taiji student warns against grabbing and shouldering in taijiquan, which he says is too dangerous when the legs are stationery.

– Julian Chu talks of putting the opponent off balance by sinking down as the opponent is thusly lifted up. There is no down without up.

–  In practicing lifting opponents by sinking down, my learned opponent showed me how to yield and neutralize it, and then to take off-balance the opponent. Doing so requires knowing the opponent’s intentions before it is too late to yield.

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