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Recharging my batteries on vacation until August 17 – My staff is working all week

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Thanks to my staff for covering for me while I am playing with my family in Arizona this week. Politically, this state is eminently boycottable by all those but tea party aficionados, when considering the dismal approach of the state government and Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio to actual and suspected non-United States citizens. From the standpoint of natural beauty, outdoor opportunities, weather (although other parts of the year are better for temperature), total relaxation and batteries recharging, and Native American culture and history, this is a go-to place. With my wife having a conference this week in Scottsdale, we will go to Sedona today (update – what a beautiful and harmonious-feeling place, particularly Red Rock), and then starting tomorrow I will be be-bopping with my son during the week to the Grand Canyon — where I slept by the Colorado River in 1977 at the age of fourteen, dodging innumerable burro urine pools on the way down and up the trail — dinosaur places, and wherever else our excitement takes us.

If you have any recommendations for places in Arizona other than those listed above — as well as Four Corners and Lake Powell — that my son and I will enjoy, please shoot me an email at jon@katzjustice.com.

It might sound incongruous for me to be playing on vacation while my staff works, but likewise I assure that I am working while my full-time assistant is on vacation, so that my clients always may have someone available to help them during the week at my office.

To even take one week of vacation as a solo law firm practitioner takes plenty of planning and effort around trial dates, case preparation and client service. The chance to spend constant, fun, and deep time with my family, and the recharging of batteries, always is worth it.

While away, I will not be handling non-emergency work communications. My staff will be assisting me with communications while I am away. I will be back in the work saddle on August 18.