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Recommending the Three Sisters Trial Boot Camp, May 13-16

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As I said last month, the Trial Lawyers College is not the only game in town for trial lawyers to get great training and to recharge their batteries.

Enter the Three Sisters Trial Boot Camp, presented by Joane Garcia-Colson, Mary Peckham, and Fredilyn Sison, together with two mental health professionals. I have known Fredi for several years, and she would be a particularly strong draw for me to attend this program, which is only open to women, so that settles that about my abilty to attend.

The Three Sisters’ website provides the following basic rundown of the program: "TRIAL BOOT CAMP, May 13-16, 2010, Palm Springs, CA. Join other talented and dedicated women trial lawyers for a long weekend of self-discovery, development and growth to enable you to reach your full potential as an effective and daring advocate in the courtroom. Together we will explore: – Issues confronting women lawyers; · Celebrating your uniqueness as a female lawyer; · Embracing who you are as a woman in your practice; · Communicating in the courtroom with an emphasis on Voir Dire; · 3 D Presentation; and, · Recognizing and working with clients with mental health issues."