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Remain vigilant and active for justice, even after April Fools Day

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Today, as on all April Fools days, people will have their Candid Camera cautiousness when told they have just won the lottery, their office is giving a paid day off today, and their flight has been cancelled.

Our present world is at a critical crossroads where many people stick their necks out for social justice and other social good (unfortunately including those causing severe social damage while seeking well-intentioned goals — MADD comes to mind, for instance), while too many others look out solely for number one, and while many others tread sometimes inconsistent paths somewhere in between.

On the one hand, irreversible is my path towards greater optimism and feelings of greater harmony while fighting for justice. On the other hand, we must not be Pollyannas with our guards down. Look no further than Japan’s preventable nuclear disaster — at least preventable had their nuclear power plants been previously dismantled — for the need to maintain eternal collective vigilance and action for human and global welfare.

Not to rain on people’s April Fools Day parade — and in the spirit of Abbie Hoffman, who was a living example of having fun while fighting for justice — I encourage everyone today to watch and recreate Steve Martin’s napkin trick seen at minute one of this video. Just don’t let the napkin blind your eyes.