Rendering praise where praise is due

Oct 23, 2006 Rendering praise where praise is due

Sometimes I blog about some of the cases I handle. Critical to that work is our support staff. This month, we welcome my new primary secretary, Aleida, who comes to us with previous legal secretarial experience, criminal defense experience, and a big heart. We also welcome secretarial assistant Juana, who comes to us with prior receptionist experience, a caring demeanor, and full fluency in Spanish. They both round out two secretaries who primarily assist my law partner Jay Marks.

I consider myself very fortunate to have such a strong team to assist my clients. I believe strongly in integrating my support staff into all stages of preparation and execution of my clients’ defense, including producing and organizing case documents, brainstorming (non-lawyer assistants can be very beneficial for developing case ideas, as they often can see issues from a juror’s point of view better than a lawyer can), working directly with our clients, and going to court from time to time. Jon Katz

Judges lay some cards on the table at criminal defense seminar
Jon Katz Speaking at Oct 23 MTLA Criminal Seminar

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