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Jun 06, 2012 Report police misconduct

As we know from the police beating or Rodney King, it is critical to report police misconduct, and to videotape and audiotape it as well (within the bounds of law).

Criminal defendants and criminal suspects should consult a qualified lawyer before reporting police misconduct, because the content of such reporting can be used against the suspect in the case against him or her if presented in the suspect’s own words, and because police and prosecutors might go more gung-ho against a criminal defendant lodging a complaint, in part because a conviction blunts any claim of false arrest.

Thanks to the CATO Institute for its National Police Misconduct Reporting Project. It appears that when push comes to shove, CATO folks are more likely to support a presidential candidate supporting economic laissez-faire than a president supporting civil liberties. CATO’s  National Police Misconduct Reporting Project helps offset that.

Know where to report police misconduct. The American Civil Liberties Union can be considered a safe and confidential source for making such reports. Contacting a qualified lawyer is important if the victim of such misconduct wants to seek recompense. Reporting such misconduct to police departments and police oversight boards might be a mixed bag depending on the department and jurisdiction. For victims of such abuse, a qualified lawyer should be consulted before making a complaint to a police department or any police oversight agencies.

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