Rev. Robert F. Drinan leaves the planet

Jan 30, 2007 Rev. Robert F. Drinan leaves the planet

Robert F. Drinan, S.J. (From the public domain).

Human rights activist and lawyer Robert F. Drinan, S.J. died this past Sunday.

His vision of justice was uncomplicated and determined. He served ten years in Congress, and it took a direct Papal order against priests serving such posts for him to leave Congress. His political views on such issues as abortion and birth control apparently deviated very much from the Vatican’s.

I met Father Drinan a few times, starting with his talk at my Amnesty International chapter twenty years ago. He seemed to have no ego, and was very approachable. He was a very engaging speaker. Even while in Congress, Father Drinan lived a simple life in a simple room in Georgetown University’s Jesuit community, sounding the simple and essential call to protect human rights.

Jon Katz.

ADDENDUM: Here is Colman McCarthy’s excellent January 30, 2007, piece on Father Drinan.

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