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RNC demonstrators win

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Bill of Rights. (From the public domain.)

A few days ago, a Ramsey County, MN, trial judge dismissed a prosecution for insufficient evidence against protestors who demonstrated during the 2008 Republican National Convention. The defendants were charged with obstructing the legal process, disorderly conduct, unlawful assembly and blocking traffic.

The LaCrosse, Minnesota Tribune reports that St. Paul City Attorney John Choi asserted that "by wearing masks and working together, the protesters presented some evidentiary problems for prosecutors." Representing the defendants, lawyer Jordan Kushner — whom I know well from the 1994 National Criminal Defense College Trial Practice Institute — said the case "‘showcased how police had no basis for the vast majority of arrests made during the RNC.’”

Online information on this case is thin. If you have further information, please send it my way, or else please post it as a comment to today’s blog entry. Jon Katz.

ADDENDUM: On September 1, 2008, I blogged about the Ramsey County, MN, sheriff’s raids on alleged anarchists. On September 4, 2008, Democracy Now aired this lengthy report on "some of the nearly 300 people detained over the past few days [who] include medics, legal observers, journalists and anyone considered to be a protester."