Sadly, Underdog’s comments feature now is moderated

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Jan 21, 2008 Sadly, Underdog’s comments feature now is moderated

For the first time in the thirteen months that Underdog has appeared in blog software format, our blog has received a comment that I decided to remove. The comment was a scurrilous attack on Martin Luther King, Jr., and posted a webpage that went straight to a very graphic video of two people engaged in sexual activity.

I do not welcome the role of moderating comments and trackbacks to this blog; at the same time, I do not wish to be spending extra vigilance looking for comments that might need to be removed from our blog. Fortunately, aside from comments caught by our spam filter, this is the first time in thirteen months that I have removed a comment. Ordinarily, I do not expect more than a half-day delay in approving comments, so please keep them coming. Jon Katz.

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