Send in the clones: Human embryos finally cloned

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Jan 18, 2008 Send in the clones: Human embryos finally cloned

Chart from NIH’s National Human Genome Research Institute. Now,more than ever, when will the human how-to-clone chart be issued?

Perhaps I should temporarily change this blog’s title to “Send in the Clones”. This week has had a dizzying succession of breakthrough cloning news, starting with the FDA’s greenlight to the safety of eating cloned meat and milk, followed by the revelation that cloned cow genes probably are already in grocery aisles, and finally followed yesterday, by the revelation of the purportedly first successful cloning of mature human embryos.

Here is the article by the human-cloning scientists, from yesterday’s Stem Cells journal. My only problem at this point with the cloning of human embryos is not the embryo cloning in and of itself, but the likely inevitability that people will go one step further to try to implant cloned human embryos in women’s uteruses (just like with the now completely common in vitro fertilization technique), only to result in fatal birth defects, and pain for people born from cloned embryos. Stephen King lurks around the corner. Jon Katz.

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