Sending Cecil Taylor good karma

Apr 22, 2009 Sending Cecil Taylor good karma

Cecil Taylor is an amazing musician who refuses to cut commercial corners on his road of ongoing excellence.

Cecil and I are close mutual friends of Trudy Morse, whom I write about here. I had the good fortune to experience Cecil at the Library of Congress in 1999, and then to join with Trudy and numerous others at Cecil’s hotel room to hear him talk captivatingly of music and other topics, which followed his backstage discussion of such topics as the artistry of bridges. In 2001, Cecil was playing a tambourine in the audience at Trudy’s birthday celebration, and there we talked some more.

Today’s news reports that Cecil “pulled out of next week’s Melbourne International Jazz Festival because of illness.” This follows a cancellation  of Cecil’s performance around nine days ago in Vermont.

Cecil Taylor, who recently celebrated his eightieth birthday, has spread wonderful karma over many decades. Please join me in sending Cecil good karma as he recovers from his illness.

ADDENDUM I (April 30, 2009): Yesterday came word that a friend of Cecil’s confirmed that he is alright. I have no details beyond that at this time. I continue sending Cecil good karma.

ADDENDUM III: Information about some of Cecil’s performances from after I posted this blog entry:

November 2010: French Embassy (Washington, D.C.). Also reviewed here. Unfortunately, I did not know until too late about this performance.

September 2009, in Amsterdam.

July 2009: Perugia, Italy.

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