Sending good karma to Jack Herer

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Sep 13, 2009 Sending good karma to Jack Herer

Around late 1990, I attended part of the annual NORML conference, in Washington, D.C., which was a much smaller event than today. I was very taken by Paul Krassner’s talking about Abbie Hoffman, and got belly laughs from his jokes; was told that Hunter Thompson’s no-show was Hunter Thompson being Hunter Thompson; and felt less isolated on such important issues as drug law reform when, unknowingly, I was a few months away from leaving the life of corporate law to defending indigent clients with the Maryland Public Defender’s Office. 

Not long thereafter, I attended a pro-pot rally in Lafayette Park, shortly before Gulf War I started. There, I was captivated by Jack Herer of The Emperor Wears No Clothes fame. Whether or not some of Jack’s claims were unsubstantiated about marijuana being the planet-saving plant, his optimism was infectious, and I caught on to his discussion about marijuana enabling medical users to regulate dosage by stopping at the point where they feel relief. When I bought Jack’s Emperor Wears No Clothes, he autographed it below a message saying: "Jon- Start from page one, and teach it to the world. Nobody can beat a fact. Love, Jack."

The latest available news as of September 13, 7:00 p.m. EST seems to be that Jack suffered a heart attack yesterday that put him in critical condition.

I send Jack good karma. As much as Twitter has its very weak points, a countless stream of good wishes are going out to Jack on Twitter.

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