September 11, nine years later

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Sep 12, 2010 September 11, nine years later

In 2007, I posted this blog entry about September 11.

This year, leading up to September 11, a huge number of people have become polarized over plans to build and open an Islamic center and mosque near the former World Trade Center site, and a previously anonymous minister got his 15 minutes of infamy by calling for a burn-the-Koran day. Both actions are First Amendment-protected. I am repulsed by the call for Koran-burning. I regret the religious intolerance of so many people opposing the location of the Islamic center and mosque.

As I always say, while the horrors of September 11 must not be allowed to give the government the green light to trump civil liberties, this does not preclude the deep importance of keeping the victims in our hearts and memories.

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