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Serving clients is essential in criminal defense – Fairfax criminal lawyer

Serving clients is essential in criminal defense – Fairfax criminal lawyer

Serving clients is essential in criminal defense. That is what my work as a Fairfax criminal lawyer is all about. This all should be obvious, but needs re-emphasizing in this world of unlimited telemarketers and upsellers, too many of whom do not want to hear what the potential customer nor customer wants, but instead want to earn a quick buck without instead focusing on obtaining longterm satisfied and loyal customers.

Serving criminal defendants fully is what drives the path to victory, says Fairfax, Virginia criminal lawyer

Criminal defendants have enough concerns to deal with than to be obsessed whether their lawyer is going to make them number one in fighting for their defense. The lawyers are too many who have urged me that our work is all about making money, that we should keep a diplomatic distance from our clients, and that we should not care too much for our clients. Lawyers who think that way are in the wrong line of work. Criminal defendants turn to lawyers because the defendants’ lives and liberty are on the line. Nobody wants a lawyer nor doctor who is going to see them as a dollar bill rather than as a client to fully serve.

Virginia criminal defense calls for putting clients ahead of money

Yes, lawyering is not charity work. At the same time, I believe strongly in putting my clients ahead of money. Furthermore, when a lawyer does the opposite, s/he is likely to see himself or herself getting fewer clients and less money.

Of all places, Waffle House’s website underlines the importance of customer service. proclaiming “We are not in the food business…We are in the People business.” Of course, I am in both the business of law and clients, but Waffle House’s message is clear. And, when a Waffle House’s sole employee recently was asleep in the wee hours of the morning, a customer helped himself to the restaurant’s kitchen to make his meal himself. Likewise, a criminal defendant goes to a lawyer to be served. If that service is not forthcoming, the defendant will go elsewhere.

A criminal defense lawyer’s devotion to clients drives the path to victory.

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