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Simple tips for eliminating malware, adware and viruses

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Recently, I re-downloaded Filezilla software from a seemingly reliable online source. A headache resulted with redirection to a new browswer, unwanted advertisements appearing on my screen, and slower computer processing. I get a sense that spying was not happening on my computer, but that also was a concern.

The following initial diagnostic and repair tips might save you much time:

– Keep and frequently run current versions of Norton Antivirus and Malwarebytes on your computer.

– Periodically check your control panel at the delete program section, in reverse chronological order, to see whether unwanted programs have been added. If so, remove them.

– Periodically check the settings of your Internet browser (for instance Chrome or Internet Explorer) to assure your settings have not been changed.

If you have additional suggestions for such computer maintenance, please let me know.