Spread Flex Your Rights’ videos far and wide

Apr 12, 2010 Spread Flex Your Rights’ videos far and wide

Watch FlexYourRights’ Busted and 10 Rules for Dealing with the Police.

Too often when I tell potential and existing clients that they did not have to talk with the police nor consent to a search, their faces turn to an ashen “Aw sh*t” looks. I then encourage them to spread my rights page and Flex Your Rights Busted video far and wide. Maybe some of them do, but that insufficiently stems the flood of “aw sh*t” looks on those who had not heard of nor read and watched that material.

In case an extra video from Flex Your Rights will spark new interest in people to educate themselves about their rights, the righthand column of my blog has links to my rights page, Flex Your Rights’ Busted  video, and their newest 10 Rules for Dealing with the Police.

Although the foregoing links are free, I recommend donations to Flex Your Rights — on whose Board of Advisors I serve — and to purchasing their DVD’s of the foregoing videos, both to support their efforts, and in the hope that more people will watch the videos and that fewer will have the “aw sh*t” response in my office and over the phone.

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