Stop nuclear power plants

Jun 19, 2011 Stop nuclear power plants

The Peace Pilgrimage for a Nuclear-Free Future (the flyer is here) has been initiated by Nipponzan Myohoji, which is a Buddhist order that includes my peace mentor and friend Jun Yasuda (here chanting part of the Lotus Sutra). Here is a great video including Jun-san, where she says: "I very respect Gandhi, and Gandhi said ‘my message is my life. My life is my message.’ Meaning just action, not just talk, talk, talk." 

Nipponzan Myohoji Brother Gyoway Kato says in the video: "If we believe that this whole universe is a manifestation of God, manifestation of the Buddha, manifestation of the divine self, then this whole world is so precious. But to this beautiful land we have so much poison, and the poison of the nuclear material lasts tens of thousands of years. Who has the right to give these poisons to generation after generation? This is just crazy. Insane."

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