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Jun 07, 2007 Strike the Amazing Kreskin from any jury pool

Speaking of magic, Houdini was a legend. (Image from Library of Congress website).

In the mid-1970’s, mentalist Amazing Kreskin was a mainstay of late Saturday night television. Kreskin seems to walk the line between saying he is a professional magician but that he also has psychic powers beyond intuition, deduction, and trickery.

Two months ago, wise lawyer(s), the judge or both struck Kreskin from a murder trial jury pool, for which Kreskin was “tremendously DISAPPOINTED and FRUSTRATED!” As talented and likable as Kreskin may be, let him serve on a mock jury if he wishes. By Kreskin’s own admission: “If chosen to sit on the jury, I was prepared to share with my fellow jurors, my thoughts and impressions of those testifying on the stand and point out who was lying and who was telling the truth.” Talk about an unfair jury verdict if any jurors had actually followed Kreskin’s “psychic” determinations of witness credibility. Particularly considering how famous and often-believed Kreskin is, at least with those who watched 1970’s late night television, he would have poisoned jury deliberations.

In any event, I take a particular interest in such skilled magicians as Kreskin, particularly since I used to regularly practice and sometimes perform magic on a smaller scale. I mainly did such basic magic as making all the aces rise to the top of the deck, turning table sugar into candy, and restoring coins and plastic after driving nails through them.

My past experience performing magic and music before live audiences helped prepare me for being comfortable before and engaging audiences — judges and juries — for trials. Jon Katz.

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