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Suit filed against D.C.’s unconstitutional crime checkpoints

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Bill of Rights (From public domain.)

This entry follows up on my June 5, 2008 blog entry about the District of Columbia’s unconstitutional police crime checkpoints,

Thank you to the Partnership for Civil Justice for filing a class action injunction action this past Friday against the checkpoints. The case is Caneisha Mills, et al. v. District of Columbia (D.D.C. Civ. No. _____).

Check out the work being done by the Partnership for Civil Justice, which describes itself as follows: “The Partnership for Civil Justice is a public interest legal organization based in Washington, DC that handles a broad range of complex constitutional rights litigation matters including First Amendment litigation, employment and public accommodation discrimination cases, economic justice issues and defense of targeted communities and political organizations and activists.” I met PCJ’s founding lawyers Mara Verheyden-Hilliard and Carl Messineo when preparing to defend April 16, 2000, IMF/World Bank protestors. Another lawyer who was at PCJ is Zachary Wolfe, who subsequently founded the Peoples Law Resource Center in Washington, D.C.

Thanks, also, to PCJ for having filed a lawsuit to invalidate the District of Columbia’s unconstitutional political postering regulations, which lawsuit I blogged about here. ANSWER v. D.C. (D.D.C. Civ. No. 1:07-cv-01495-HHK). The lawsuit stems from fines issued against people postering for the September 15, 2007 antiwar demonstration, which I attended for the pre-demonstration activity. Jon Katz