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Talking about DC madam case and Michael Vick

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Photo from website of U.S. District Court (W.D. Mi.).

Two days ago, the New Orleans Times-Picayune called to interview me about the recent disclosure by alleged D.C. Madam Deborah Jean Palfrey — who I think is gravely mistaken to be talking publicly about her case, let alone in such depth — that she expects to have Louisiana Senator David Vitter testify at her trial.

I have written many times that prostitution should not be criminalized, particularly when the police and prosecutors have plenty to do with more serious crime, and particularly when police and prosecutors need to spend more time evaluating their cases so that they do not prosecute the wrong people. I have also argued to legalize marijuana and to heavily decriminalize other drugs, not only for civil liberties reasons, but also to eliminate an overgrown and overly unjust criminal justice system that runs rampant on the right against unreasonable search and seizure, the right to obtain a just bond, the right to receive a fair santence, and the list goes on.

As revealed by the online filings in Ms. Palfrey’s federal case in the District of Columbia (available through the PACER website), her assets have been frozen pending efforts to forfeit her property as alleged gains from alleged prostitution crimes. Perhaps frustration over her frozen assets influences her decision to speak out so publicly about her pending case. Jon Katz.

ADDENDUM 1: Yesterday, ESPN.com interviewed me about the prosecution in Richmond, Virginia, federal court for alleged dogfighting crimes against Atlanta Falcons star Michael Vick. I anticipate that the story will include quotes from me about the grand jury process in the case. I will post a link to the story after it is uploaded.

ADDENDUM 2: The ESPN interview referenced in Addendum 2 above culminated in this opinion piece that includes quotes from me.