Thanks and goodbye, Percy Julian

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Feb 27, 2008 Thanks and goodbye, Percy Julian

When I joined the First Amendment Lawyers Association in 2001, one of the longtime members who stood out as a welcoming figure was Percy L. Julian, Jr. He came across as a skilled lawyer with no big ego.

Sadly, Percy died this past Sunday, at 67.

Fellow FALA member Jeff Scott Olson and close friend to Percy said: "He was a model for other lawyers in how to be a good lawyer and a kind heart at the same time," and "how to live a full, full life." Jeff further said of Percy: "He was a pioneer in the field of civil rights litigation … He started out during the time of Martin Luther King Jr. and was one of the people who made the civil rights laws passed in the King era real tools for justice, especially for African-Americans." 

I feel honored to have known Percy, even though it was through a few brief conversations at the four FALA meetings that I have attended thus far, in addition to hearing him speak at one or more of those meetings. Thanks, Percy, for you. Jon Katz.

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