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Thanks go a long way

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In reply to recent thanks that I gave one of my mentors, he said: "Say as little as possible is the best response" to praise. I will let the following message from a client speak for itself, then, other than to say that I do not share all of my client’s hyperbole about Virginia; I do feel that the justice system throughout the nation needs to be heavily reformed, to increase enlightenment by all in the criminal justice system (including police, prosecutors, judges, juries and jailers), and to decriminalize and legalize many offenses (including drugs, prostitution, and gambling) and to create a fairer sentencing system (including the elimination of mandatory minimum sentences and any general allegiance against departing below sentencing guidelines):


This testimonial serves as not only a heartfelt thank you for your outstanding legal representation, but as a call to others facing the harshness and unfairness of our legal system. To anyone in the unfortunate position of possession of marijuana, there is no one else you should consider for representation than Jon Katz. The state of Virginia and law enforcement is bordering a third world nation in attitude and enforcement of the most minor of offenses, including simple possession. That state’s law enforcement’s giddiness over any arrest for anything strikes unimaginable fear in even the most grounded and strong individuals.

Not only did I witness your brilliance in working the courts, prosecutors, judges, and state troopers, but it served as an inspiration, a call to activism, a call to not simply survive within the system, but to change it.

Your courage, fearlessness, and commitment to the little guy serves as the last bastion of goodness in a legal system gone awry. You are a rare find, a legal warrior, a philosophical giant among those with no other agenda than power over others. I will act as a reference anytime and would march into a verbal, legal, or any battle with you shoulder to shoulder, with confidence.

My eternal gratitude,
(From a criminal defense client).