Jack Davis draws his last comic – from EC to Mad and beyond

Jul 28, 2016 Jack Davis draws his last comic – from EC to Mad and beyond

On a mid-1971 day at the age of eight, I found a paperback book by Mad Magazine, got hooked on the magazine, and my life never was the same again.

Among the greatest Mad artists was Jack Davis, who was with EC Comics — including its great horror and science fiction titles — before the mid-1950’s Kefauver Senate committee scared comic book makers and distributors into self censorship, with EC switching its focus to MAD, in a black and white format that bypassed the definition of a comic.

Jack Davis was beyond prolific, and got his artwork onto LP covers, movie posters, news magazines, and even a United States postage stamp.

Jack Davis exhibited how to remain irreverent inside and outside the mainstream, and how to push the artistic envelope, all of which inspires me personally and as a criminal defense lawyer.

On July 27, Jack departed his body, at 91.

Deeply thanking and bowing to Jack Davis.

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