Rose Hamid speaks powerfully of humanizing everyone

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Jan 09, 2016 Rose Hamid speaks powerfully of humanizing everyone

“Planted” (as suggested by some opponents of Rose Hamid) or not at the January 8 South Carolina Trump rally, Rose Hamid has spread a powerful message of humanizing everyone, pointing out what happens to otherwise good people succumbing to the mob, and refusing to speak ill of anyone.

Rose Hamid is the Muslim woman removed from the Trump rally after attendees marked her as a protestor, wearing a hijab, a shirt saying “SALAM – I COME IN PEACE, and “Muslim” on a yellow patch resembling those forced on Jewish people in Nazi-occupied territory.

Rose Hamid’s peaceful and unifying essence shines in this interview conducted subsequent to her ejection from the rally.

Praised be Rose Hamid.

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