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Jun 01, 2007 Thanks to Foonberg

Law practice management guru Jay Foonberg.

A less sexy part of our law practice is managing and promoting our law firm. However, I much prefer managing our law firm and being our own bosses than the opposite. Additionally, I like the quality control that we can deliver by being our firm’s chief managers.

One benefit of having a solo or small law firm is the ability to streamline and simplify the firm’s daily administration more easily than would be the case for a larger law firm. My law partner Jay Marks and I can make quick and even high-dollar decisions in as little as a phone call when larger law firms would need more time just to assemble together all their voting partners.

Jay Foonberg (shown on YouTube above) is a great cheerleader for lawyers being their own bosses and making practice management a friend rather than an enemy. Jay’s website tells all about his books and appearances on law practice management, and discusses such diversions as marathoning on multiple continents and legal advice for buying co-ownership of jet rights.

Since Foonberg first published his classic How to Start and Build a Law Practice, technological and practical advancements have made it more economical than ever for lawyers to run solo and small law firms, rather than needing to rely on the more extensive resources of a larger law firm. A lawyer without a staff can even get dictation and transcription done by companies that handle the work by phone. (See here for my blog entry on the legal work outsourcing trend.)

Solo and small firm practitioners have many opportunities to bond together with other small firm practitioners. Among them are the ABA-sponsored Solosez group, such regional organizations as Maryland’s Civil Justice Network, numerous voluntary lawyer organizations, and a large number of listservs. The legal organizations with which I participate are listed here under the heading STAYING ON TOP OF LEARNING AND BRAINSTORMING.

Thanks to Jay Foonberg for his boundless optimism and practical advice. Jon Katz.

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