The amazing SunWolf presents “Practical Jury Dynamics2”

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Nov 20, 2007 The amazing SunWolf presents “Practical Jury Dynamics2”

Courtesy SunWolf: A criminal defense lawyer’s criminal defense lawyer, showing lawyers the powerful path to humanizing our clients, through story tellilng, kindness to all, summoning our inner magic, and a reminder that “reality is no obstacle.”

Dr. SunWolf — the great storytelling lawyer who proclaims that “Reality is no obstacle” — is one of my six most influential and beneficial trial teachers and inspirers. The others are Stephen Rench, who inspires trial lawyers to “Dare to be great;” Larry Pozner, who teams with Roger Dodd to make effective cross examination less a mystery and more an achievable goal; Don Clarkson, a Radar O’Reilly of sorts who gets right to the heart of the matter in helping lawyers prepare for trial; Josh Karton, an acting teacher par excellence who gets to the heart of the matter as quickly as Don Clarkson; and Gerry Spence, who inspires to win for justice and in life by discovering and cultivating our unique magic, warts and all.

I have been hooked on SunWolf ever since she presented an amazing session on motions hearings at the 1994 National Criminal Defense College Trial Practice Institute. SunWolf shows the power of persuading through storytelling. She is a past training director of the Colorado Public Defender’s office, and  is now an associate professor of communication at Santa Clara University. I have written about SunWolf here and here.

SunWolf’s jury dynamic books and companion Jury Talk DVD are musts for trial lawyers. Now available is Practical Jury Dynamics2.  The book’s website states that Practical Jury Dynamics2 “combines Practical Jury Dynamics with the 2005 and 2006 supplements (Jury Thinking and Juror Competency, Juror Compassion) and also includes new, valuable material.” SunWolf yesterday sent me the book cover and table of contents to the book.

Promoting SunWolf’s new Practical Jury Dynamics2 is my opportunity to give back in a small way to SunWolf for all the amazing gifts she has shared with me and countless others. The volume can be ordered at . You may wish to ask Lexis about any available discounts as a repeat customer or as a member of any lawyers’ associations. Jon Katz.

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