The anti-marijuana war continues crumbling, with Colorado and Washington in the lead

Nov 09, 2012 The anti-marijuana war continues crumbling, with Colorado and Washington in the lead

Thanks and a deep congratulations to the marijuana legalization activists who have struggled, fought and persuaded for countless hours over the decades to make marijuana no more regulated than alcohol. Their efforts paid off in gold and diamonds on Election Day, with the legalization of recreational marijuana possession in Colorado and Washington. More details are here.

With the foregoing law change in Colorado and Washington, no more should a cop’s claim of marijuana odor permit a probable cause search of a car or anywhere else — unless the cop has probable cause to believe the suspect possesses with intent to distribute an unlawful amount of marijuana or unless the feds get involved with going after alleged marijuana dealers — thus helping reduce people’s suffering from government encroachment on privacy and police tyranny (tyranny, at the very least, with the unnecessarily harsh tactics often employed by police to try to ferret out crime and to search cars, homes and elsewhere or contraband).

This is a victory to truly savor, as the walls further crumble on the governments’ anti-marijuana wars.

President Obama and the rest of the federal government: The voters of Colorado and Washington have spoken. Please do not interfere with marijuana activities that are legal under applicable state laws, including medical marijuana cultivation, dispensing and possession that would be legal under the law of the state where the activity takes place.

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