The drug war quagmire

Apr 10, 2007 The drug war quagmire

The Bill of Rights is a victim of the drug wars. (From the public domain.)

Decades ago, the Smothers Brothers lamented the "Big Muddy" that was the Vietnam war. The Vietnam war, like Gulf War II, was relatively easy for the United States government to enter, but infinitely more difficult (at least politically) to leave.

The same goes for the drug wars, particularly after the government has wasted so many billions of dollars while trampling on so many lives.

Recently, Drug War Rant observed about the drug wars: "[I]t took very little effort to finish the job and America was drug-free by 1995. No longer needed, the drug war infrastructure was dismantled, and the soldiers returned home… or not."

Don’t miss this government-sponsored 1985 anti-drug music video posted by Drug War Rant, in which such celebrities as Whitney Houston, Herb Alpert (he was famous at some point), and Casey Kasem were convinced to sing Nancy Reagan’s oversimplified "just say no" message, while remaining silent about the beating that countless people and the Bill of Rights have unjustly suffered from the drug wars.

Instead of "Just say no", Just Say KnowJon Katz.

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