The magic of expressing thanks

Jul 21, 2010 The magic of expressing thanks

Last year, I blogged about a man working at Trader Joe’s near Annapolis Mall, who had achieved the art of happiness at work.

Two days ago, I was at the same Trader Joe’s at lunchtime on the way to court, and bumped into the same man, Doug, who enjoys performing magic and gags for customers. I told him about my blog entry about him, which he then looked up, and commented on here.

Our days get so booked up with work, the commercial monster, commuting, eating, brushing teeth, cleaning, sleeping, and beer, that we too often overlook giving thanks and recognition where due. I did not realize how appreciative Doug would be from my blog entry, and he was. Doug, I look forward to more honking limes, three card montes, and other transcendence of daily routine.

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