The persuasiveness and power of silence

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Aug 27, 2013 The persuasiveness and power of silence

How many people go through an entire day without a cacaphony of human noise, including motor vehicles, chatter, shouting, slamming doors, and idle typing on social media?

Amidst all this noise, silence is powerful. It enables us to hear ourselves within, to hear our surroundings, and to hear others, both their words and between the lines.

If we constantly talk, write, fidget and busy our minds, we are missing some of the most essential ideas, are missing cues from those around us and our environment, and are missing life itself as it happens.  

So many people hold onto scripts, which interfere with the power of silence by over-busying the mind. I have seen trial lawyers attaching themselves to scripts, missing essential persuasive and listening opportunities along the way. Plenty of my clients have scripts; thank goodness for the Fifth Amendment that leaves them talking little in court unless there is a sentencing.

Watch the magic that happens when you let go of your script and your preconceived role, which also interferes with silence by over-busying the mind. It might seem scary and awkward at first, but you are likely never to turn back.

Here and here is more about what I have written about the power of silence, of the pause, and of letting ideas develop before spouting them as verbal diarrhea.

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