The power of interconnection, and the power of one

Dec 28, 2007 The power of interconnection, and the power of one

Seva Cafe in Ahmedabad, India.

"Power of One" from One Earth.

Plenty of society’s ills arise from the disconnection and lack of warmth felt by many. The first of the above-two listed videos shows not only a restaurant connecting with people in part by trusting visitors to pay what they think is best to pay, but also a message to start doing something now to make the world a better place, without the need to wait for others to act.

The second video shown above, conveys the theme of the "Power of One". Yes, it is important that people feel connected to each other and need reconnection. At the same time, some of the greatest human achievements come from starting now, rather than listening to any voices in one’s head to tread cautiously. Jon Katz.

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