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The power of treating oneself and others right

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Here are some of my recent thoughts on the power of treating oneself and others right, which of course makes me stronger as a trial lawyer and in the rest of my pursuits.

– Never weaken yourself with doubts about whether being compassionate is a weakness, nor whether we are all truly connected. Lack of compassion for others is weakening and spells lack of compassion for oneself. Viewing ourselves as separate from all other beings puts us into a disconnected worldview that will weaken us.

– When even committed and capable calmness practitioners get angry, it emphasizes not to give up the practice but to get back on track.

– It takes an uncommon cop or soldier who sticks to his/her right path when feeling fear or threats, and who does not give into base peer pressure.

– Competition should exclude badmouthing of competitors, fearing backstabbing, or matching competitors’ low tactics with customers and others. When business competitors use low tactics against their competitors to win customers and raid competitors’ staffs, that is on their karma. Businesses thrive best by taking care of their customers first, not through shyster tactics with customers and against competitors.